Souls Outreach Ministries


Souls Outreach Ministries, is a small congregation of believers who love God & truly have a love for His people.  We believe that every person is precious and for this reason our vision is to reach as many souls as possible.  Our mission is to fulfill our God given assignment by ministering the UNCOMPROMISED, REVEALED Word of God....a Word that is able to build your faith to believe God for your every need.  WELCOME to our site...

For some people, going somewhere for the first time is not a problem, but for many, it can be uncomfortable and intimidating.  When you visit Souls Outreach Ministries, you can expect to feel WELCOME, LOVED and AT HOME.  At Souls Outreach Ministries we understand that sometimes life has a way of getting you down but it is our mission to reach you with love and compassion & help you to realize God doesn't want to leave you down.  God's Word has the power to lift you up and to change your circumstances.  Whether you are a new Christian or someone trying to find your way back home, Souls Outreach Ministries has a place for you.

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